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A Past life reading is when a person gifted with the ability to see the past looks into your past life/lives for you and relates that information to your present issues. Its true that certain incidents or happenings from our past life can impact our emotional and psychological persona today.

By getting a past life reading, we can be better able to understand and evaluate why we react in ways that we do during certain situations. Many times we are not aware of our fears and magnatisms roots but through a past life reading it can open up memories that are stored deep within our psychie as we pass from life to life.

Have you ever walked into a place and ‘felt’ you’d been there before? This is so common its been given a nickname of Deja Vu, its widely accepted as a small hint towards past lives trying to reveal themselves.Have you ever wondered if you’ve lived in ancient times or wanted to have a past life reading? Well no need to be afraid or wait any longer.

According to the theory of reincarnation, the human soul or consciousness survives death and returns at intervals variants to be born in another physical body in order to grow in knowledge and wisdom.

Part of the belief suggests that we all experience life as men and women members of various races, economic and social classes.

You should know who you were in your past life, in that place you spent your last moments, perhaps in Australia or in Patagonia, at what time you lived, what could have been a name on that life, what was your profession job, what was your zodiac sign, man or woman were you, how you were? maybe you were a philosopher or a thinker, a sailor, traveler, jeweler, watchmaker, doctor or what was your employment or occupation in your last past life.

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